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嘉義城隍廟 推出「樂桃城隍」吉祥物

Chiayi Chenghuang Temple launches "Peach City God" mascot


"National Level 3 Historic Site-Chiayi City God Temple" combines Chiayi's history and culture with abundant creative energy to launch "#乐桃城隍" energetic dolls, including the 4-meter high "Le Peach Doll" mascot puppet representing the happy city of Chiayi, lively and cute The Q version of "Cheng Huang Ye", "General Fan, General Xie" and "Little Peach" mascot doll outfits, and at the same time launches fluffy dolls, dolls, anti-epidemic masks... and other cultural and creative products as a gift to the appeasement Hou Chenghuang Christmas gift.

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